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What is amplifi for Vets?

amplifi is a music and songwriting workshop for U.S. Armed Forces Veterans and Returning Warriors. With a foundation in trauma-sensitive practice, amplifi classes create a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for all. The supportive atmosphere is established around trust, providing an opportunity for healing and community building, and allowing participants to take creative control. Watch our short video to the left and hear to what our class participants & instructors have to say!


A Trauma-Sensitive Approach to Songwriting


The goal of amplifi is three-fold: (i) to build community through songwriting and collaboration in a supportive learning environment; (ii) to connect with and contribute to the songwriting process through learning about the elements of music; (iii) to help participants identify and express feelings by finding the power of their own voice, leading to restored health and healing.


Starting with a small group of individuals with similar experiences, a community is established by building trust and creating a safe space to learn, share, and support one another. Understanding and compassion gradually form as participants share experiences and truly express care for one another’s journey. And as participants begin to share their story, it empowers others to do the same. The amplifi classroom experience provides a supportive and non-judgemental space and fosters lasting meaningful relationships for all. And perhaps the most powerful component of all is the moment when a participant finds joy and freedom through musical expression.

What Our Participants & Practicioners Have to Say:

"It seems like most of the good times or the closest you could be to happiness usually were achieved through some kind of interaction that involved music."


Dennis V.

U.S. Armed Forces

I'll tell you what I like about helping people write songs about their trauma. It's incredibly... it's...affirmation! Because I know when people are writing their songs and telling their story in song, they're accessing some- thing that they might not normally be able to access in traditional therapy. It's just Joy-FILLED"


Robin Lane

amplifi Instructor

It's cathartic to come together with a like-minded group of people to tell your story...and by telling your story, people are really able to bring some power to it."


Nicole Berke

amplifi Instuctor

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Ready to join a class?

We are consistently adding classes to communities throughout Massachusetts, Florida, and Louisiana. Fill out this short form and we'll contact you right away with more information on upcoming classes, scheduling, and everything you need to join an amplifi class near you!


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